Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Introducing ComplyScan Plus

  • Cloud-native – A SaaS application that monitors and reports global AWS Backup job activity; utilizes IAM and KMS security authorization and roles; employs CloudTrail, CloudWatch and Slack alerting, logging and tagging
  • Ensures Snapshot Policy Compliance – With snapshot monitoring and validation
  • Ensures RTO/RPO – by providing AWS Backup snapshot validation services to meet your SLA requirements
  • Accelerates Recovery – With snapshot pipeline workflow
  • Insightful – Data visualized to show peaks, valleys, trends, and thresholds.
  • Centralized – Single-pane-of-glass snapshot management across accounts, regions, services, AWS Backup Plans and On-Demand backups
  • Supported – AWS EC2/EBS today; EFS, FSx/Ontap, RDS, S3, Storage Gateway coming soon

Easier Deployment

AWS Command Line

ComplyScan Setup Wizard

More Insightful

AWS Backup Audit Manager Reports

ComplyScan Reports

Critical New Controls

Control nameControl descriptionCustomizable parametersAWS Config recording resource typeAWS Backup Audit ManagerComplyScan
Backup resources protected by backup planEvaluates if resources are protected by a backup planNoneAWS Backup: backup selection
Backup plan minimum frequency and minimum retentionEvaluates if backup frequency is at least [1 day] and retention period is at least [35 days]Backup frequency; retention periodAWS Backup: backup plans
Backup prevent recovery point manual deletionEvaluates if backup vaults do not allow manual deletion of recovery points except by certain AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) rolesUp to 5 IAM roles that allow manual deletion of recovery pointsAWS Backup: backup vaults
Backup recovery point encryptedEvaluates if the recovery points are encryptedNoneAWS Backup: recovery points
Backup recovery point minimum retentionEvaluates if the recovery point retention period is at least [35 days]Recovery point retention periodAWS Backup: recovery points
Cross-Region copyEvaluates if a resource is configured to create copies of its backups to another AWS RegionAWS RegionAWS Backup: backup selection
Cross-account copyEvaluates if a resource has a cross-account backup copy configuredAWS account IDAWS Backup: backup selection
Backup Vault LockEvaluates if a resource is configured to have backups in locked backup vaultMin Retention Days; Max Retention DaysAWS Backup: backup selection
Backup TestingEvaluates if backup testing is being done which is critical to NIST and other security frameworksAccounts, Regions, Services, ZonesAWS Backup: backup selection 
Snapshot activityMonitors and Reports all AWS Backup on-demand and scheduled activityAccounts, Regions, Users, ZonesAWS Backup: backup selection 
Snapshot CostEvaluates snapshot resource costsAccounts, Regions, ZonesAWS Backup: backup selection 
Snapshot ValidationValidates snapshot integrity and viability to achieve RPO/RTO/SLAAccounts, Regions, Services, ZonesAWS Backup: backup selection 
VisualizationDashboard with graphical representation of status, thresholds, and alertsAccounts, ARN, Date, Regions, Services, Users, Zones and moreAWS Backup: backup selection 

Join the ComplyScan+ Pilot Program

What you getWhat we need from you
ComplyScan Plus SaaSDeploy as part of your AWS Backup environment
Free technical support to help configure AWS servicesPay for services (AWS) not provided by ComplyTrust
A free license for ComplyScan Plus for 3 yearsProvide on-going feedback to about the status of deployment and features needed
Free white glove support for 3 yearsJoin by completing this ComplyScan Beta Registration Form