ComplyScan™ is a cloud-native serverless microservice-based application that monitors and aggregates cloud backup job activity for AWS Backup Plans, On-Demand backups and snapshots taken in-console for most AWS stateful services. ComplyScan supports AWS Aurora, DDB, EC2/EBS, EFS, FSx for Windows, Lustre, RDS and Storage Gateway services in all worldwide regions.

  • Utilizes IAM and KMS security authorization and roles
  • Employs CloudTrail and CloudWatch alerting, logging and tagging
  • Automated SQS/SNS email, Slack organizational and mobile alerts 
  • Kibana/Quicksight dashboard reporting metrics
  • Visual backup status by account, backup-plan, resource, status, backupsize, vaultname, and more..
  • Supports cross-account monitoring and reporting
  • Exportable CSV report

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